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3 minute Shower


I've had toenail fungus for a long time. I believed it would last forever!

I mistakenly believed that was a necessary aspect of working all day in heavy work boots and shoes.

I assumed it was merely my toenails being yellow. However, things got worse! It initially appeared to be athlete's foot.

But throughout the day, my feet started to burn, and they also began to smell awful.Headline with a brief call to action
Oh my God, I was embarrassed to remove my shoes! I was unable to let anyone see my feet or toenails. They appeared awful.

I made an attempt to keep it from my wife, but it was unsuccessful. My foul feet gave it away, and I could smell a locker room in there!

To dry them out and get the stench out, my wife placed baking soda in my shoes. My feet and nails also become dry and crusty in addition to the pain and smell!
I made an effort to treat it on my own using pharmacy supplies. I searched online and discovered numerous

alternatives employed by others. I tested as many natural cures as I could. certain of them were

Crazy, but I stopped caring. I employed a variety of techniques, including:

Tea tree oil, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, Epsom salts, Vicks, and Listerine.

I was shocked at what people will do to try and get rid of the fungus. It's just nuts! I even tried wrapping my feet in plastic with Vicks and garlic.

No matter what I tried, nothing worked. I felt like one of those crazy folks...but honestly, I didn't care. My feet were gross and unhealthy.

toenail fungus

The Fungus Spread & My Wife Got Infected Too

I had no idea that toenail fungus could spread so easily. And it really upset my wife!

She started getting yellow toenails too after avoiding me for a while. It embarrassed her a lot.

She thought that my smelly shoes and dirty socks might have caused the infection.

She wasn't sure if she caught it from me or from my shoes, socks, or even my dirty towels.

I got blamed for everything because fungus thrives in damp and dirty shoes and socks.

Since none of the home remedies worked, we decided to see a doctor. The doctor's prescribed treatments were quite expensive over a year.

He gave us Penalc, Kerydin, and Jublia as prescriptions. He also warned us that if the fungus spread deeper into our toes, skin, or body, he might have to surgically remove our toenails to reach the fungus if the medication didn't work.

We were shocked and my wife was on the verge of tears. She was terrified of the potential pain. She said she would never wear sandals again if she didn't have any toenails.

We tried various remedies and different prescriptions to eliminate the fungus, but nothing seemed to provide lasting relief.

What I Did Daily to Remove the Toenail Fungus

Getting rid of the fungus was more complicated than just treating the skin. It involved addressing multiple layers of the infection.
First, the fungus needed to be suffocated, and the skin had to be softened before applying any treatment. Exfoliation was necessary to expose the fungus and its roots, allowing for more direct treatment.
I had tried numerous options, and it felt like a never-ending nightmare. I was on the verge of giving up. However, while browsing online, I stumbled upon another solution.
Luckily, this simple 3-minute shower soak routine turned out to be the answer we were looking for. After every shower, we followed the prescribed steps.
The shower routine helped us expose the nail fungus, and the solution we used effectively eliminated the fungus completely!

Goodbye Fungus . . . We Can Wear Sandals Again

After really focused on the 3-minute shower routine and using this solution every day for a few weeks, the irritation went away.

Day by day, my toenails and feet started to look much better. My wife's feet started to change, and luckily she was able to tell.

betterabout the feet and toes. Our nails were no longer thick and yellow. The nails have turned brown all over again.

Our toenails have never looked better, and our feet look like they're getting better.

We stopped giving the medicine months ago! The best part is that the growth has not come back.

And my wife is getting her nails done again, and she has no shame about wearing shoes.

If this daily shower routine worked for us after both being infected for so long, then it could work for you too!

Watch the video below to understand the process. It's worth the additional few minutes! It changed my life and my feet! My wife is happy too!
Click the button or image below to understand how this 3-minute shower ritual gets rid of toenail fungus 👇

A simple shower hack that takes just 3-minutes.The key behind it lies in the fact that fungus cannot survive at certain pH levels. That’s why it’s not such an issue when you’re young!
Because remember: it’s not just a “harmless” yellow toenail… This 100% natural method fights those yellow and brown toenails immediately (and it’s probably not what you're thinking!).
Over 45,075 people have already had their lives transformed and now look forward to beach days and the pool, love wearing open-toe sandals, and jump at the chance to get a pedicure. You can too.
So if you or anyone you care about is suffering from unsightly and embarrassing toenails, just watch the video below now to discover the simple 3-minute shower hack to eliminate it for good!

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